The weird-story of waldemar the warlock !!!!

Uno de los Ășltimos proyectos en los cuales trabaje como Rigger, pasen y vĂ©anlo en Kickstarter, y si pueden apoyen la campaña!!.

One of the last works in which i’am working as a Rigger.
See it on Kickstarter. It would be great if you could support the campaign !!

Basic Ik fk chain creation script !

A friend ask me if a want to make the rig for various of his characters, in this case was a insect whit six legs an various tweezers , so for avoid the job of make all the rig of the legs and the tweezers by hand because is all the same process I decide to make a script in python to make the job in just a few steps, nothing fancy nothing new in the ik fk system but very handy and fast.
The model was done by Kamel Alzate ( )

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish !!!

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Luego de casi un año y tres meses, mi participaciĂłn en “Metegol” ha llegado a su fin… fue mucho el aprendizaje tĂ©cnico, siento que mis capacidades como artista crecieron en porcentajes muy altos, ni hablar de las personas que tanta ayuda me brindaron he hicieron que mis conocimientos fueran mucho mas allĂĄ, todo esto sumado a grandes momentos que allĂ­ vivĂ­ con esas mismas personas, son cosas invaluables y que estarĂĄn conmigo por el resto de mi vida.

“Metegol” no es una simple producciĂłn mas de la cual yo he sido participe, ni una pelĂ­cula mas para la galera, sino mas bien la pelĂ­cula en la cual hasta ahora mas he crecido, trabajar al lado de tantos maestros de la vida y del 3D me lo hace ver y sentir asĂ­.

Bueno Viento y Buen mar !


After almost a year and three months of my participation in ‘Foosball’ has come to the end… It was a lot of technical learning, I feel that my skills as an artist grew at very high rates, not to mention the people who gave me so much help and made ​​my knowledge was far beyond, all this plus great moments that I lived there with the same people are priceless things that will be with me for the rest of my life.

“Foosball” is not simply producing more of which I have been involved, or a movie more to the bag, but rather the film in which I have grown far more, working alongside many masters of life and the 3D makes me feel that way.

Fair winds and following seas !