The weird-story of waldemar the warlock !!!!

Uno de los Ășltimos proyectos en los cuales trabaje como Rigger, pasen y vĂ©anlo en Kickstarter, y si pueden apoyen la campaña!!.

One of the last works in which i’am working as a Rigger.
See it on Kickstarter. It would be great if you could support the campaign !!

Basic Ik fk chain creation script !

A friend ask me if a want to make the rig for various of his characters, in this case was a insect whit six legs an various tweezers , so for avoid the job of make all the rig of the legs and the tweezers by hand because is all the same process I decide to make a script in python to make the job in just a few steps, nothing fancy nothing new in the ik fk system but very handy and fast.
The model was done by Kamel Alzate ( )